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Celtic Flooring Supplies
Celtic Flooring Supplies

Rogue Traders Beware!

We are all familiar with the TV Programmes such as ‘Cowboy Builders’ and ‘Rogue Traders’. The BBC and other broadcasters create entertaining TV out of uncovering businesses that provide shocking customer service, and generally con the general public out of their hard earned cash.

This is great. We ourselves are consumers, as well as a business.

Those businesses out there that do not provide a good service do exist and continue to deceive people every day. The more bad businesses that are put out of business, the more room there is for great businesses to grow, succeed, and continue to serve their great customers. 

We are a business with over 30 years experience, a very loyal customer base and a passionate family team. We hope you will trust us to come into your home, and provide an excellent service at a great price.

Thank you.

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