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Celtic Flooring Supplies
Celtic Flooring Supplies

We are family - is that good?

Celtic Flooring Supplies are proud to be a long-established, family run business!

Headed up by Tony Prothero, there are various family members employed within the business, along side other team members. 

A few words from Tony….

What are the benefits of having all the family involved?

Flooring is just what we do – forever and ever we, the Prothero family, have worked in flooring and floor fitting. We know what works, what doesn’t work, how to stick to budget, and how not to of course if splashing out is what you want!

How does it change the way your business is run?

We can make decisions quickly – when you are part of a family run team there is an underlying unconditional level of trust and understanding between the team. If something within the business needs to change, decisions can be made quickly which is so much better for all our customers.

Would you change anything about having your family involved?

Of course there are days when a bit of peace and quiet would be nice but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Get in touch with Tony and his family by calling 02902 813 833.

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